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You have questions, we have answers! If you don't see the answer to your question, please feel free to CONTACT US.

  • Which program is best for my school?
    Each school and district has a unique need based on many factors. Our account partners can help figure out which program will work best for your school. You can start by viewing our COMPARISON chart. This will give you the highlights of each plan.
  • Do you cover older devices?
    Yes! We cover all devices; new or used.
  • What do you cover?
    We cover accidental damage, malfunction, defects, loss and theft. This includes, screens, batteries, keyboards, LCD's, motherboards and the list goes on. The list of what we don't cover is much shorter; Damage or loss caused by negligence, cosmetic damage, software and accessories. That's it.
  • What is not covered?
    We don't cover the following; Damage or loss caused by negligence Cosmetic damage Software Accessories
  • What is the repair turnaround time?
    One week. Yes, that includes shipping time. If you send us the device on Monday you can expect to have it back in your hands by the following Monday.
  • How much is coverage?
    There are many factors that go into pricing. The two main factors are the device type and the the number of devices to be covered. The more devices covered, the lower price per device. You can get a no obligation QUOTE and see how much was can save you today!
  • How do we manage our coverage?
    We will build a customized portal for your school. The portal will allow you to do many things including enroll devices, file claims, track claims, send contact forms and more. This portal can have any functionality that you may need to ensure your program runs efficiently.
  • How does parent purchased coverage work?
    Once you decide to offer parent purchased coverage we will create a flyer that can be emailed, posted and handed out to students and parents. The flyer will direct them to your unique portal where they can enroll their device(s), file claims and manager their account. Once they have enrolled their device, they will receive proof of coverage. The school will be notified of the students coverage status. Students can use the portal to file claims and deal directly with us, or the school can act as a liason. We can handle the entire process for you.
  • Do you cover other devices besides chromebooks?
    We sure do! We can cover any device that you use in a school setting; chromebooks, iPads, Macbooks, Laptops, tablets, phones and more.
  • What types of schools do you work with?
    We work with all education institutions; pre schools, K-12, colleges and universities, private schools and more.
  • Do you cover BYOD devices?
    Yes! We can help you set up a comprehensive coverage plan for BYOD schools.


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